Tracking Eliade on english blogs

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Am vrut sa vad cum se reflecta Eliade in blogurile straine si am dat search pe Stiam ca Eliade este inca citit in Occident, in ciuda contestarilor operei sale, si totusi am ramas uimit de actualitatea cercetarilor sale.
Pe scurt (e o ironie), ce-am gasit?

Frank are un text intitulat What IS that we do?. Il incepe cu I think that for the most part we ARE lost si-l concluzioneaza cu So, part of the what-ness of what we do as artist is to simply explore the alphabet of our oevre. Citeaza din Eliade si-l pune ca referinta:
– Eliade, Mircea. Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries. 1957. Trans. Philip
(actually this is one of the BEST books for any artist (ie, visual,
musical, theatrical, philsophcical, historians, etc) to read.

Reginitis si-a postat final discussion paper for Philosophy pe care a luat nota maxima. Lucrarea se cheama Understanding My Spirituality si este una destul de sincera si sumara:
– When I asked my Mom “What happens to us after we die?” she told me about reincarnation. When I asked my dad “Why do bad things happen to people sometimes?” he told me about karma. These eastern concepts were reinforced by my parents, and for a while that was enough for me.[…]
– I found the answers in this course and in the Mercia Eliade’s book Sacred and Profane. This book examines the spiritual existence within human beings and the ways we choose to acknowledge that part of us.

Why Write About Shamanism and Therapy? e un text gasit pe un alt blog in care autorul se intreaba:
– if the ‘primitive’lives in our brain stem as a pre-conscious memory or as a scrap of the accumulating collective unconscious , could it also be true that whatever we are-say, Western humans- lives in the brain stem of the primitive?
Probleme ridicate:
– Psychotherapy is one place where this ‘dialogue with the primitives’ must be made explicit and conscious, because this is where it is being conducted.
– I wonder what Eliade was thinking when he wrote that we are cut off from an important part of ourselves.

Din Orthodox Monk citez doar:
– Moreover, he finds when reading The Glass Bead Game of Hesse that his own Romanian-Orthodox tradition has an authentic tradition of meditation (in the Philokalia). Finally, he has discovered that Mircea Eliade, a Romanian, is an important figure in the study of religion
cu promisiunea ca voi reveni candva asupra textelor scrise acolo.

What is a Shaman? contine o lista extrem de utila despre samanism inceputa in stil confesiv:
– As a student on the shamanic path, the intent of my journey became a driving question for me. I seek to teach what I know, and if it is truly shamanic, what does the quest drive toward?
In colectia sa, Eliade este mentionat prin definitia sa celebra: shaman – a master of ecstasy. 

– If in our history there is a writing of our future then what does that mean for me? Should I think perhaps on Mircea Eliade and his view upon time? We choke on all of our history, the line that builds and builds and builds without ending. It causes forces we cannot comprehend because as beings we cannot comprehend time unending. Let us celebrate in a pagan ritual and destroy the world, bring about our own apocalypse and let it wash over us, the end of all things.

Roseartemise a citit probabil Sacru si profanul si si-a postat notele de lectura.

SidThomas (tipul e chiar interesant):
– The fact that all humans share the trauma of birth to some degree (leaving C-sections aside) explains the Myth of Eternal Return – the psychological meta-datum of Mircea Eliade’s composit religious picture.

Spindlewholr dezbate despre mythical origins of drinking and toasting:
– Thus the act of drinking becomes a ritual act by which one can connect with the important, the sacred, or, as Eliade would say, the “real” that lies beyond the mundane. When we raise our glasses for a toast, the words seem to have greater import than words spoken in an ordinary context.

Lena (a sick blogger) in Notes from underground blog addict  vrea sa-si schimbe viata, sa fie activa, a citit multe confesiuni de sfinti, vrea sa gaseasca un adevar de care sa se lege si il mentioneaza pe Eliade doar in fraza urmatoare:
– I am not sure if it is Eliade or Campbell who talks about leaving St. Patrick’s holy atmosphere to enter the shock of the street-level consciousness.

Tipul asta si-a luat examenul la filozofie si mai are inca un examen in care trebuie sa invete despre:
-the EGC in light of Eliade’s theories on Sacred Space, Sacred Time, and Sacred Sex.

Iulia Spranceana e in Madrid si:
– I wonder what I am doing awake at 1 in the morning, after so many exhausting days…is it the heat? Eliade would agree. The heat contaminates our own environment creating some sort of time gap…
John il mentioneaza pe Eliade drept un parinte modern al gnosticismului alaturi de Fiederich Neitzshe, Rudolf Otto, Carl Jung si Joseph Campbell.

Jessica e o tipa super interesanta:
– I struggle against gender essentialism every day and I wouldn’t describe myself as a structuralist.
– I simply do not believe that women have an innate connection with the moon or with the earth on the basis of having ovaries and a uterus that bleeds once a month. I just don’t believe it. Even Mircea Eliade, in The Sacred and the Profane, a classic tome of Religious Studies, propagates the notion that women have sacred knowledge, a kind of one-ness with the earth, based on their womanly essence, that men are not privy to.

Boaz e pasionat de/practica meditatia transcendentala si e entuziast c-a gasit o carte interesanta despre acest subiect.
– Now I can think about TM’s view of science in terms of an extended view of Eliade’s concept of “hierophany”, that is, a concrete occurence of the sacred in the world.

Un tablou interesant, nu-i asa? Tineri studenti, artisti sau simpli bloggeri studiind probleme, dezbatand chestiuni in care ideile lui Eliade sunt prezente. Bloguri/texte ce reflecta cautari spirituale, angoase sau simple meditatii asupra razboiului civil al ideilor (Civil War of Ideas). Din aceasta perspectiva, chestiunile dezbatute in blogosfera romaneasca par a fi la nivelul “arata-mi pasarica, ca-ti arat si eu cucul”.
Mi-as fi dorit sa citesc in romana bloguri ale unor studenti la filozofie chiar macinati de seminare despre Wittgenstein, bloguri de art-director facand conexiuni intre De vinculis in genere (a scris despre ea si Culianu in Eros si Magie in Renastere.1484) si publicitate, bloguri de tineri cercetatori romani specializati in mitologie, studii orientale etc.
Restul concluziilor si dorintelor le puteti trage singuri.

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  1. Winterheart

    Mircea Eliade a fost un om exceptional, o minte sclipitoare, indiferent ce spune unu` sau altu` despre el…


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