Gânduri mai bune despre Europa

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Dacă v-ați săturat de știrile și analizele prăpăstioase despre criza zonei euro și despre iminenta destrămare a Uniunii Europene, uite două articole care mai temperează puțin tonul apocaliptic:

Our crisis won’t last for ever. Then it will be another continent’s turn to get caned by pundits for its stupid model. One day young Europeans will get jobs again, and we’ll just be a delightful backwater with excellent macchiato. I can think of several worse places to live.

Smile if you’re European

At a global level, many of the rules and institutions that keep markets open and regulate world trade, limit carbon emissions, and prosecute human rights abusers were created by the European Union. Who was behind the World Trade Organization and the International Criminal Court? Not the United States or China. It’s Europe that has led the way toward a future run by committees and statesmen, not soldiers and strongmen.

Think Again: European Decline

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