Note de lectură: Here Comes Everybody

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Making a mark on the world is a common human desire.

Revolution doesn’t not happen when society adopts new technologies – it happens when society adopts new behaviors.

Shared awareness is the ability of many different people and groups to understand a situation and to understant who else has the same understanding.

Whenever you improve a group’s ability to communicare internally, you change the things it is capable of.

When you neighbor walks your dog while you are ill, or the guy behind the counter trust you to pay him next time, social capital is at work. It is the shadow of the future.

– de căutat: Robert Putnam – Being Alone, 2000

The suburbs reduce the likelihood of chance encounters.

Interactions at work produce the kind of familiarity and trust that used to be more a part of the fabric of our communities.

Now it is easier for groups to form without social approval.

– de căutat: Duncan Watts & Steve Strogatz – Small World network, 1998

It’s not how many people you know, it’s how many kinds.

The highest percentage of good ideas came from people whose contacts were outside their own department.

An idea mundane in one group can be valuable insight in another.

The logic of publish-then-filter means that new social systems have to tolerate enormous amounts of failure.

Failure is a free, high-quality research.

Open source doesn’t reduce the likelihood of failure, it reduces the cost of failure.

Cheap failure is a key part of a more complex advantage: the exploration of multiple possibilities.

In a traditional world, the cost of publishing anything creates not just an incentive but a requirement to filter the good from the bad in advance. In the open source world, trying something is often cheaper than making a formal decision about whether to try it.

Many good ideas are simply inaccessible in a institutional framework.

“Do the people who like it take care of each other?”

If you design a better shovel, people would not rush out to dig more ditches.

– de citit despre Birthday Paradox

People are basically good, when they are in circumstances that reward goodness while restraining impulses to defect.

Through social media, the pedophiles are able to gather online and trades tips on earning the trust of children.

Density is required to make reciprocal altruism a strong social norm.

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