Free cultures get what they celebrate

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Despre Clay Shirky a mai discutat pe acest blog. Prima dată l-am văzut într-o sclipitoare conferinţă acum câţiva ani, apoi i-am descoperit una din cărţi, Here Comes Everybody, care m-a inspirat aici sau aici.

Recent, am descoperit o conferinţă de-a sa abordând subiect care rezumă cel mai bine ceea ce fac de aproape un an (digital technology + human generosity) şi prezentând ceea observ de mai mult timp (infrastructura social media este propice creativităţii umane).


Cognitive surplus represents the ability of the world’s population to volunteer and to contribute and collaborate on large, sometimes global, projects.
Cognitive suplus is made up of two things:
1) the world’s free time and talents
The world have over a trillion hours a year of free time to commit to shared projects.
2) media tools that allow us to create and share to be joined up in large-scale efforts

The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.
The gap isn’t between good work and mediocre word, the big gap is between doing anything and doing nothing.

Communal value is value created by the participants for each other. (photos on Flickr, videos on Youtube)
Civic value is value created by the participants but enjoyed by society as a whole.
The goal is not to make life better for the participants, but to make life better for everyone in the society.

There are a trillion hours of year of participatory value up for grabs.

Organizations designed around a culture of generosity can achieve incredible effects without an enormous amount of contractual overhead.

Free cultures get what they celebrate.

We can celebrate and support and reward the people trying to use cognitive suplus to create civic value. And to the degree we’re able to do that, we’ll be able to change society.

via Andu

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