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Cum să votezi dacă eşti scârbit de sistem

Carte bună: Baricadele – Andrei Crăciun

Ziua Cărturarului

Interpretări posibile la The Birds (1963):
A Freudian/Feminist Spin on the Attacks: The physical bird attacks can be seen as emanating from the three displaced women’s collective anger and frustration.

Through the Lens of the Cold War: Looking at The Birds in light of 1960s geopolitics, it stands to reason that the attacks, for which the human victims have no true method of like response, can be viewed allegorically as such a weapon, promising to rain terror on the heads of innocents and promising annihilation.

Religious Connotations: Are the birds (representative of the forces of God?) looking down upon the misery they have wrought/the retribution they have meted out, and judging humanity?

Chaos Theory: Hitchcock’s films seem to take an immense amount of pleasure in ripping away the veneers of civilization and exposing the frailties underneath.

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