We are the stories we tell ourselves

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Am urmărit ieri conferința, am luat notițe, m-am regăsit (mi-a amintit de hermeneutica lui Eliade), m-a inspirat. E despre creativitate, e despre poveste, e despre noi înșine. Dacă lumea este filtrată printr-o structură narativă, dincolo de poveste nu mai există nimic.

Every day we prepare too much, we think too much. Knowledge becomes a weight upon wisdom.

I put my self into absolute panic. It’s my one way of getting rid of my mind.

I’m allowing myself to go into chaos because out of chaos, I’m hoping some moments of truth will come.

The first thing about storytelling that I learn and I follow all the time is panic. Panic is the great access of creativity because that’s the only way to get rid of your mind.

There is something out there that is more truthful than your mind.

Get rid of your mind.

We are the stories we tell ourselves. The stories that we tell ourserves define the potentialities of our existence.

A story is the relationship that you develop between who you are and the infinite world an that’s our mythology.

A person without a story does not exist.

I tell a story and therefore I exist. I exist because there are stories.

We create stories to define our existence.

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4 thoughts on “We are the stories we tell ourselves

  1. jez

    you can get rid of your mind without panic! 🙂

    Maybe we are preparing too much, maybe we are thinking too much, but the biggest problem is that, after all…we really worry to much!

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